Why I can't use 1111 vpn in the china

Hi There.

I had download the 1111 vpn in hk at the yesterday.I had using the vpn it’s still working,but it doesn’t work when I go to the china mainland,I want to know how to solve this issue.


Presumably because it is blocked by Chinese ISPs on behalf of the government.

Can you use the DNS service itself on a computer?

Thank for your reply me.

I don’t have computer, I just use vpn in the Iphone xr. I think you are right,but do you have know have a super vpn can ignore any blocked by china goverment in the world?I had donwloaded a lot of vpn before I came to china mianland but those vpn can’t work

Well, China generally tries to block a lot of traffic and that includes VPNs. AFAIK there are some VPNs which are accessible from China, but I dont know which they are. You might want to do some research and look for forums dedicated to that topic.

Yes,Thank for your suggest. I will keep going to try to find some usefu vpn when i before go to the china ,I think 1111 is a good vpn,because many hk people had recommended it for any hk people in the linhk discussion.if you had hear some news is about hk movement

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