Why i cant see my website in phone, as it says its coming soon but in pc and laptop it is visible, please solve this issue

why i am getting error when i update any plugins.
how to fix this error

Hi @kashifperwez707,

Did you try searching for the title of your post?
You would have seen Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred.

In short, the process is taken Ng longer than 100s, so you would need to bypass Cloudflare for it to work.

my website is not opening in mobile/phone, but is working well in laptop and in system.
earlier it was opening.

Could you screenshot the error you or your customers are seeing on the phone?

The page reading “Future home of something quite cool” is the default landing page from the cPanel server. If you’re seeing this error on your site, it means your origin web server is not configured to display your site over port 443, so instead they are showing the default landing page. You should ask your hosting provider to setup your site to work over port 443.

For other troubleshooting ideas and more details on the error “Future home of something quite cool”, see this Community Tip.


ok i will

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