Why I can't pay the bill

I paid one bill for many times unsuccessfully.
My credit card is normal and have sufficient balance, and I have paid several other bills successfully after the failure.
And I had tried several different credit cards, however, all failed.

I applied a case to [email protected], but didn’t get any feedback, I really don’t know how to do next step.

Hi @frohmansj116,
I have escalated your ticket so that our team can further assist you with this.

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There are totally 8 websites in this account, and I wanna know whether the failed payment will affect other sites or not.
I got the notice from the Support Website: “If payment for a recurring charge for a Cloudflare plan or add-on/subscription is unsuccessful after five (5) days, your account is automatically downgraded to a Free plan”, so I am worried.

Excuse me, why did you change the top to resolved status;

I have responded to your ticket and I am awaiting a reply from you.

Thank you!

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