Why I can't connect domain when I use Aweber Landing page

I want to connect domain to my email Aweber and I add to record at DNS, It not access
and show the line “A CNAME record with that host already exists. (Code: 81054)”.
How can I connect the email with my domain

From this article:

Helpful here:

The error says it all, you cannot add another one as you are already having one.
Try using an A type DNS record, instead (per need).

Usually, we create a separate A mail.yourdomain.com DNS record with :grey: cloud (DNS-only). Therefore, we create another MX record, which we point to this mail.yourdomain.com.

I am afraid you cannot use Cloudflare (proxy mode :orange:) for your e-mail traffic as far as follows:

Cloudflare’s default configuration only allows proxying of HTTP traffic and will break mail traffic.


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