Why i can not add A record?

Hi, I’m trying to authenticate our domain with SendGrid, but I don’t have the ability to modify our DNS records (getting 1004 error). Can you help me add these records so that I can complete the process?

CNAME em7938.starexchangealliance.com to u13527536.wl037.sendgrid.net

CNAME s1._domainkey.starexchangealliance.com to s1.domainkey.u13527536.wl037.sendgrid.net

CNAME s2._domainkey.starexchangealliance.com to s2.domainkey.u13527536.wl037.sendgrid.net

A good conversation about this same issue here, DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) 2 that may have some ideas of things to check. I’ve not hit this issue personally but some other ideas in this tip, Community Tip - Fixing Code 1004: DNS Validation Error. Are you receiving any additional error codes after the 1004?

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Those aren’t A records, they are CNAME records. You need to select the correct record type and then input the appropriate values.