Why I am getting better FCP with cache bypassed in PSI

This only happens in mobile version of Pagespeed with First Contentful Paint:
So if I enable dev mode or a rule to bypass cache all good I get FCP around 2.9secs on average, but without the cache bypass I get on average 3.7 to 4.1secs of FCP.

If you would have provided data in form of a screenshot or your domain we could actually look into this, but like this this is very onesided data since it does not provide any data about the other 5 fielddata measurements.

Cloudflare does not opt to improve one of these 6 measurements but opts to improve the overall speed, if one of them is getting a little slower, but all others are getting speed up thats absolutely acceptable.

To help you understand why this happens we would at least need to know what your website is and what Cloudflare features you have activated.

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Sure I apologize. Here’s the link:

To help you understand why this happens we would at least need to know what your website is and what Cloudflare features you have activated.
That only for the config under “performance”?

Okey I have active:
Autominify, Brotli,

In case not only Performance tab:
Always Online, Encryption Full mode
Do note I’m using Wordpress alongside with WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache.

Right now I have cache set to bypass

Let me know if you prefer screenshots comparing Page speed metrics with and without cache bypasss

Without cache active:

Cache active

Another one with cache active

If so, the perfect Cloudflare product for you is: APO.

But you are right I see a lower grade in performance it hit the cache aswell. It could be so much it could be related to. Also I do not have any experiences with WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache, but like I said, if you want to get the best out of your page with Cloudflare use APO. It costs $5/month but is 100% worth it. I would give it a try, since it really is optimized for Wordpress and includes nice features like bypass on cookie which normally are enterprise features.

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Okey I will try it in the future :wink: Thank you!!
At the risk of sounding pessimistic maybe chances are it would still happen with APO, but yes I agree it is worth trying it.

I would call it realistic, APO just adresses so many Wordpress problems, that it already is worth it trying it out anyway.

FCP heavily depends on frontend optimization which Cloudflare does barely optimize since it improves backend optimization (in terms of responsetime improvements). So please do not expect Cloudflare to magically fix all your problems that are actually stemming from using Wordpress/an All-in-One theme which does have a bad frontend.

To improve FCP you can do these things:

  • improve Backendspeed (here is nothing to do as you deliver it from Cloudflares Cache)
  • optimizing the loadingorder
  • preloading
  • optimizing assets
  • compressing assets as much as possible

a lot of other things are actually listed on GPSI after it the analysis if you scroll down. These hints are sometimes pretty usefull.

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Thank you!!

Do note that is a custom made theme without visual builders built by me, but yes there many fronts on my to do list to improve performance.

I think I covered most of them, but by “loading order” you mean lazy load or something else?
Oj right just in case the website is down I just noticed payment i due in case you try to access it, but I will fix it today once I get home

Didn’t knew this but that should open a lot of potential to improve things the otherwise would not optimizable or just very hard.

Yeah noticed it. Will check back when it is working again.

If you have big pictures LazyLoad would make sense. But I was talking about loading order and preloading certain files. Specially critical ones. AFAIK you preloaded so many which later has not been used, but I will have to doublecheck this.

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Hi! seems* the site is back I can see the site is back with a proxy, in my current location I’m getting the parking page though :confused: wellp

Update: okey is officially back!! I apologize for the delay…

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