Why I am being shown a 502, post changing the name servers while I cant see any hit in Apache access log?

When I switched to Cloudflare, I was asked to change the NS from my earlier host to Cloudflare’s NS. I did so and the website is being shown active with Cloudflare however, the upon accessing the website, I am told that my webserver is returning 502 which is not true for the following reasons:

  1. Chrome Dev tool shows the target IP of the requested URL to be which is not my webserver (No Load Balancer).

  2. I do not see any 504/502 in the access logs of my webserver.

I cannot afford to have the website down on the very first day of signing up with Cloudflare. Please help!

Looking forward to your quick response.

The 104 is the IP address of the Cloudflare proxy server. This is normal.

A 502 can also be a firewall at your host that’s blocking Cloudflare. You’re not likely to see a 502/504 in your domain logs. It might show up on the master logs for your web server or your host’s firewall logs.


Thanks for the response sdayman!

Here’s few things to consider:

  1. I have not received ANY hit in my Apache access logs post 3rd Aug and tail /var/log/httpd/access.log just shows the entries from 3rd Aug. This strikes out the possibility of the inbound HTTP being proxied since there should have been some activity in my access logs (From proxy server as the source).
  2. Talking about the infra, Its kind of pretty straightforward AWS setup with just a single web server instance without a Load Balancer and any additional firewall, moreover, HTTP is allowed for so this shouldnt be a concern.
  3. This 502 is not being returned atleast by anything in my environment. Guesses?

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