Why has Cloudfare put a ban on my domain?

Hi, I am a Canva customer. I noticed that my website isn’t loading anymore. Canva have told me to talk to Cloudfare as the third party provider – Cloudfare have put a ban on my website. Can you please tell me why you have banned my website? I need it to be operational asap please. Thankyou.

What’s the domain?

vali-travel . com

Your domain is not using Cloudflare. Your host may be and that’s why you get that error, but that’s something only your host can fix.

As in GoDaddy?

Is that your host?

I have spoken to GoDaddy who I bought the domain from. They said, and so did Canva, that the problem lies with Cloudfare

I am afraid that information is incorrect. That is a Cloudflare message, but that’s because your host seemingly uses Cloudflare. Only your host can fix that. I would verify the IP address with your host and then discuss how to fix that with them. Cloudflare can’t do anything here.

What is a host?

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Where do I find my IP address? I must say, this is incredibly confusing. I have never heard of Cloudfare before, and now all of a sudden both Canva and Go Daddy are telling me that Cloudfare is banning my website

Your host needs to tell you all of that. I am afraid Cloudflare is not involved here.

But no, Cloudflare did not “ban” your domain. Your host simply has the incorrect configuration or you used the wrong IP address.

Hi Sandro, GoDaddy have checked who my host is. It says that Cloudflare London is the third party link.

Again, your site is not using Cloudflare, hence you need to talk to your host.

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Canva use Cloudflare.

It might be worth confirming your settings with the steps in their documentation

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