Why don't I see the cloudflare screen when people try to access my website

why don’t I see the Cloudflare screen when people try to access my website

Which Cloudflare screen are you expecting to see? There are only two things to look at: 1) Your Cloudflare settings, 2) Your Website. Only if something is broken will visitors see a Cloudflare screen on your website.

I’m used to seeing a ‘Cloudflare’ screen on other websites I’m accessing before their site pops up.


That’s because those other websites have turned on “Under Attack” mode. A bit of overkill, and it detracts from the user experience. I bet there are many sites you visit that use Cloudflare, but without that interstitial.

thank you for your help. I tried turning on under attach and that did what I wanted - I appreciate your guidance and insight

thank you

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