Why don't I have 2 nameservers?

Following cloudflare’s instructions for domains registered elsewhere. I cannot find 2 nameservers

You should see them at the bottom of this page.


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Could you be more explicit?

You need to select your domain after clicking on the link.

You will then find a section named “Cloudflare Nameservers”.

Not found

The documentation doesn’t match the options I have

Can you show a screenshot of what you see?

You need to select your domain from the page you took this screenshot from. If you followed the link you were provided above, you should be taken to the DNS page after selecting the domain. Otherwise, click DNS (after selecting the domain) from the left navigation menu.

If you don’t see your domain in question in your screenshot, then you’ve not added this domain/site to this particular Cloudflare account yet. You’ll need to add the site first (there’s a “Add a Site” button on the same page you took this screenshot from)… before you’ll get the nameservers.


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