Why doesn't Cloudflare respond to my abuse reports anymore (sending a personal reply)?

Ok, I have sent multiple abuse reports recently and haven’t received a personal reply back for ANY of them recently! The last 10 abuse reports have received confirmation (one’s sent anywhere from November 1st or later) have not gotten a response back! This is what I mean (showing Cloudflare abuse reports emails that have been confirmed, but never a reply back)
Note: The blacked-out email is a system reply from the Cloudflare community that’s not relevant to this conversation)

So why aren’t these abuse reports receiving a reply back, is Cloudflare ignoring my requests or just unable to give a personal reply back?

They don’t have to get back to you; if they find from your report that something is off, they will take the required actions.
Typically they will forward all reports to the hosting, which ultimately determines what to do with the server(s). If the case is very severe, then CF will kick these websites out of their network. However, this is extremely rare.

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No, I have gotten replies back like “We did not detect any malicious content or we have already taken action.”

That contradicts your initial message, though? That means they responded to your reports.

CF is not a judge, and unless it’s explicitly required by law, they won’t censor any website, whether it’s malicious or not.
Note that some exceptions apply, and they might take action faster, but those are only under extreme circumstances.


They’ve only responded to some of my reports (not all of them)!

You won’t always receive a reply but the Trust & Safety Team will review the reports. The community cannot assist with abuse related issues.