Why doesn't cloud protect against DDoS?

2 days ago cloud started giving error 522. At first they did not understand what was happening, but after updating the statistics, they saw that the number of requests was 230 million. I turned on the under attack protection mode, but it did not help and the site just lies and does not respond. In the Apache logs, you can see that requests go from different IPs to the main page of the site at 4-5-6 per microsecond. What should I do ?

Where did you see the 230 million requests? Is it from Cloudflare Analytics? Or you calculate from your Apache logs?

Cloudflare Analytics, yesterday morning it was 12k

Possible to provide a screenshot of the analytics?


Sorry to hear that. In this case we need someone from Cloudflare to look into this issue.


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I’m waiting…

From the graphs posted it looks like the vast majority of those requests were cached (92.8%) so they would never have hit your server anyway

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