Why does our domain appear in SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates as Pending Validation (error) status?

We have just started with CloudFlare and our website appears to be enabled in many ways, but our main domain name (reachinschools.org) appears in SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates as Pending Validation (error). We aren’t sure what needs to happen to resolve that, or even if it needs to be resolved. What does this mean? How to resolve?

That domain is not using Cloudflare. You have not changed the nameservers yet. You need to complete the setup before the certificate will be active.

OK. What is the impact if we do not change the nameservers to CloudFlare? I was considering to not move these. Our original certificate seems to have been replaced by a CloudFlare one instead?

Are you on a partner setup?

If so your host is your primary contact as that is all managed by them.

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