Why does my worker disable itself for no reason?

I am having a problem I happen to have a worker who is called by my website to get information to submit.

It often happens that the requests are not heard by the worker and I have to flood it with requests for it to “wake up”.

Has this happened to anyone else.

Thanks a lot

What do you mean by “disable itself”? Workers will spin up and down as needed based on traffic and requests. If your Worker doesn’t get any traffic for a while, it’s very possible it’ll be evicted from memory and require a cold-load on the next request. This shouldn’t add much more than a handful of miliseconds to your response time though.

Can you shed any more light on what exactly is happening?

Sure, that’s what I assumed but the worker doesn’t activate immediately when it receives a new request, it usually takes about 5-10 min to respond to the requests.

When I say “disable itself” I mean that for no apparent reason the worker stops responding to the request, in fact in the logs of the worker the request does not appear.


Could you share the code?