Why does my site show checking your browser before accessing multiple times?


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打个比方,比如我的域名是https://test.com,浏览器输入并访问test.com的时候,会出现多次checking your browser before accessing,Ray ID会变化多次,最后要等多个5秒后才会进入页面,手机浏览器上最为明显。

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For example, if my domain name is https://test.com, when the browser enters and accesses test.com, there will be multiple checking your browser before accessing, Ray ID will change many times, and finally have to wait for more than one. It will take 5 seconds to enter the page, which is most obvious on the mobile browser.


Does this still happen if you use an incognito / inPrivate window to visit the site?


I recorded a gif
Do I need to write my website?


Hmmm… Do you get this when visiting another Cloudflare site with JS challenge enabled? (I will send you a link to try this if you need). I had a very similar issue but it was caused by a browser extension, hence why I asked about incognito.


I visit this site bwh8.net/clientarea.php and sometimes the above situation will occur.


This is my website liub37.com


Both those sites you linked to go through multiple JS challenges for me as you said.

Can you try domjh.ml and see if you get a loop?


The first time go through multiple JS challenges and then go through once


Ok, on your site where you get the issue, is it triggered by Under Attack Mode or by firewall rules?


Maybe Under Attack Mode, I haven’t set firewall rules yet.


Sorry! I have run out of ideas… Maybe someone else can work it out!


Thank you, I think it may be triggered when I visit a domain without https. http auto jumps to https and triggers again.

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