Why does my IP change?

I’m starting to get LetsEncrypt to work on my own domain DNS info at Cloudflare.

On Cloudflare DNS, I’ve set the A record for the domain to point to my ISP-assigned IP address (151:131::. But when I ping the domain, it goes to an entirely different (also owned by Cloudflare) IP address (104.24::).

This is definitely making it quite hard to get LE working. Going directly to the domain (https://mrod.me) results in an Error 523, Origin is unreachable. The IP shown on the bottom of the Cloudflare error page is the szame as the A record (151:131::).



The IP will be masked and show a CF ip.

About the error:

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104 is what it’s supposed to be once you turn on Cloudflare for your domain. That’s the reverse proxy for firewalling and speeding up your website.

A good starter for Let’s Encrypt would be to :grey: your website’s DNS records while you issue the Let’s Encrypt certs. Then go back to :orange: Automatic renewals should work later in. Two of mine just renewed today.

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