Why does my analytics say I have so many requests?

I just got an email from Cloudflare stating that my total traffic level (across 2 domains for 1 website, a broken domain, and an unadvertised website) in October from just the U.S. was about 125,000. How is it possible that I’m getting such a high number? My Google Search Console says that I have about 140 total clicks for about 2-3 months of tracking, so where are these requests even coming from?

Every file on your page is s single request.
Lets say you have 10 visitors per day Just opening your home page which has 10 files. ( Including JS, HTML pictures…)

There will be 10 requests for one visitor, 100 requests for 10 visitors and so on.

Theere are a few ways to get an idea where they come from.

  • watch you server logs
  • create a firewall rule and ‘JS Challenge’ everyone. This will log every single request.

The fact that your site isn’t listed anywhere does not mean that it’s unknown on the internet. Your 125k requests from the us might just be Google, Bing and co.

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Thank you for the information. I already knew this which is why I said requests rather than visits, but thank you either way.

If my page got visited 100 times per day (assuming it had 10 files at the time which is about right, and it’s a 31 day month), 100*10*31 = 31,000. 100 visits per day isn’t even the total for the countries other than America if you apply that equation.

100 visits per day including refreshing and interacting with the one-page website in the first place is already way more than I’d expect considering what the website is for. Is it possible that my website is being spammed and Cloudflare just isn’t detecting it?

Edit: I should also note that the website is served via GitHub pages, so I don’t have access to server logs.