Why Does it Take so long to load my site?

Hi all,

I have tested my website using the Cloudflare Diagnostic page. Here is the only error it produced:

After I got this result, I watched some videos on YouTube about how to improve your speed with Cloudflare. It was recommended to try this plugin:

I enabled the cache using the plugin, as well as purged the cache using recommended settings.

Here are the settings I also have in Cloudflare itself:

I also have a separate plugin for compressing images.

I’ve also tested my page speed using webpagetest.org:

I’m not very technical, and cannot figure out what I could be doing wrong.


It would be much easier to answer if you would share your domain with us. You’re on the right track, looking at WPT results and such, but don’t think anyone can give real specific pointers without actually being able to see the results.

Based on what I can try and make out, It looks like your initial page load is very slow and you may not be caching a lot of your assets.

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