Why does it say my website domain is invalid?

It said remove sub-domains and i removed the ‘unaux’ bit and it still didnt work. Im a newbie to cloudfare. I just need an ssl for my website, thanks.

Can you share the domain you’re trying to add to Cloudflare?

Do you own unaux.com? If not, you will not be able to add this to Cloudflare. You can’t add a subdomain, and will need to own a domain if you want to add this to Cloudflare.

As in the domain yes, i got it from profreehost.com

You have a subdomain, specifically y6rolemodels.unaux.com. You do not own the entire unaux.com domain.

You can not add this to Cloudflare and will need to purchase your own domain such as example.com if you wish to add this to Cloudflare.


Are there any other ways i could get an ssl certificate?

I’d recommend talking to your host. If they don’t provide free SSL certs via Let’s Encrypt or similar today, then you should probably consider changing host honestly.

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