Why does cloudflare think I'm a bot?

Question I just received from our marketing team. Looking at the traffic coming from our network I see the following rules being triggered, whay I am looking to find out is why. How can we dig in to see why this particular traffic is a “likely bot”

Ruleset Name

Bot Fight Mode for Likely Bots

Rule ID


Rule name

Manage likely bots

There could be many reasons why Cloudflare thinks you are a “bot”

  • Repeatedly sending requests (also known as HTTPS flooding)
  • Having IUAM (I’m Under Attack Mode) activated
  • Having suspicious traffic coming from your IP address and/or ASN (autonomous system number)

Additionally, you can visit https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/bots/what-is-bot-management/ for more information!

Now, if you want this to not happen in the future, you can create a firewall rule (setting your IP or ASN to “Bypass” firewall rules!)

Thanks for the quick response. we are not in IUAM mode, so it isn’t that. Could be the flooding but would only be able to tell that if I knew the threshold that cloudflare would base that off of. Ill take some time today and step though that link you provided and see if anything clicks

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Bot fight mode is very sensitive; you can’t tweak it at all unless you are part of the enterprise package.
My advice is to use it for logging only.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Logging is an option with Super Bot Fight Mode.

They might just want to dial it back a bit and only use “Definitely Automated”.

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Oh, you are right, my bad! Allow is the correct choice in this case.


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