Why does Cloudflare report network results in Chinese?

On the Cloudflare Developers Discord, it was announced last week that Cloudflare were in the process of rolling out translations, which provided a new language parameter for Turnstile:

Client-side rendering · Cloudflare Turnstile docs

Adding on top of that, it has been known for a while, that when you’re in Incognito / Private browsing mode, that some browsers will adjust certain settings that they send out, for privacy reasons.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the default for the Accept-Language header your browser sends, might be changed to English as well, while being in Incognito / Private browsing mode, and that this may be why you see things like this (e.g. English in .Incognito / Private browsing, but Chinese in “normal” browsing).

When I am setting my browser’s Accept-Language to Chinese [zh], I’m getting the exact Turnstile captcha as you posted a screenshot of.

Language: Chinese [zh]


Language: French [fr]

Language: Danish [da]

This language is (unfortunately, … not yet) supported by Turnstile, so it will fallback to English:

So in the end, I highly doubt there is anything to worry about.


(with the Chinese one, … once the check is actually successful)

Please note, I don’t run Chrome in Incognito mode. This has nothing to do with Incognito.

I didn’t say you were, but you mentioned the discrepancy between the different browsing modes above, and as such, I simply provided you a plausible reason for that.

To begin with, it sounded like you simply wanted to know reason why the language could be different (e.g. Chinese, English, …), and with the above, there’s at least a plausible reason.

If we misunderstood you, and that joemygod.com is a site you own and control, and that you would actually like to know how to reduce the likeliness that these security checks from appear, you can actually adjust the Security Level of your site.


If this Security Level thing also doesn’t help you towards accomplishing your goal, I suggest that you elaborate down to the smallest detail, what exactly it is you’re trying to do, and what results you are expecting from doing that.

I am not the owner of JMG. I am merely curious as to why the Cloudflare report, which I and many users see upon entering the site, why the report is suddenly in Chinese. Someone else from the Cloudflare community (or the company) asked if I see the report in Chinese when I access the site incognito. Generally, I don’t use the incognito mode of Chrome.


The answer to that part, is the one I gave you above.

On Thursday, February 2 2023, at

  • 13:12 UTC
  • 14:12 Europe/Copenhagen
  • 21:12 Asia/Shanghai

It was announced in the #turnstile-beta channel on the Cloudflare Developers Discord, that Cloudflare was rolling out translations for Cloudflare Turnstile:


That phrasing sounds like Cloudflare Turnstile used to be English only, but now (since at least the timestamps above), has several languages depending on your browser settings.

This would apply to any sites using Cloudflare Turnstile (depending on the website owner’s choices), and not only JMG…

There is NOTHING to worry about.

I’m not trying to do anything. I am just wondering why Cloudflare now reports results to me in Chinese. That’s all. I think just with the Chrome browser.

When I access JoeMyGod.com which uses Cloudflare, the results are reported in Chinese. BUT even worse, now Cloudflare endlessly tries (I think) to determine if my connection is secure. I mean, endlessly. I am not Chinese and I’m not in China. This happens only on my Windows10 machine. When I access JoeMyGod.com from my phone (with the same login), no problem and it’s in English. I’ve attached what I see.

When I access the site with Chrome Incognito, the reports from Cloudflare are in English but again it is endlessly checking to see if the connection is secure. What is going on? Is there anyone technical at Cloudflare who can look into this?

When accessing the site in Edge the Cloudflare report is in English but again, it endlessly repeats it’s access. But nothing else.

This was NOT SOLVED by DarkDevil.

That is simply not true. Cloudflare on JMG endlessly tries to determine if my connection is safe. Endlessly. I cannot get into the site. As I said elsewhere, this happens on Windows. With Chrome (Windows) the reports are in Chinese. With Edge and Opera, they are in English but the bigger problem is that I cannot get past the opening page where Cloudflare is examining the connection. On Android it’s all OK. so I am blocked from the site.

You asked why Cloudflare was showing things in Chinese, and that question, as mentioned in your original post, is resolved with the above explanation.

That is based on the Accept-Language request header that Cloudflare sees.

Head over to the documentation of your web browser, to figure out how you can change the list of preferred languages, that your browser sends to websites.

Change Chrome languages & translate webpages - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Add all the languages that you know” from there could be relevant.

You also mentioned VPN in the thread.

Using VPN / Proxy servers to reach websites, as well as using various browser privacy extensions, will definitely interfere with your browsing, including but not necessarily limited to altering request headers such as e.g. the previously mentioned Accept-Language.

Those things will definitely be one criteria that raises the likelihood of seeing even more of such browser security / integrity checks.

Website owners can literally do what they want to do with their websites, that’s beyond the control of Cloudflare, even when the website owner choose to use Cloudflare.

In your situation, only JMG can help you with what happens on their website, and you will therefore need to contact them for further assistance.

Your response is ludicrous. English is the language I use, 100% of the time. If I use a VPN or not, the same Cloudflare problem occurs. As for the Accept-Language request header, the ONLY site I have this problem with is JMG. I see (from JMG’s site) that a few other users have a similar language problem with Cloudflare but none to the totally destructive extent that I have.

No The IP is in the US.

Neither of those links helps at all. This is all kind of weird and idiotic.

While the Chinese is limited to Chrome on windows, all my other three browsers on windows have the same issue. And at least one other user on JMG have the same access problem.

For no good reason, Chinese was the second language for Chrome’s Accept-Language list. Now why #2 should be the one Cloudflare reports in I don’t know. In any case (and thanks to those who suggested the Accept-Language issue) the other problem remains:

Now I endlessly see this: