Why does Cloudflare pull contents via HTTP/1.1?

I wonder why Cloudflare does still connect to the origin server via HTTP/1.1 (according to the docs) and how I can benefit from HTTP/2 or HTTP/3 enabled when the origin connections use the old protocol in proxied mode?

As far as I understand the “behind the scenes” process, when a user is the first to visit a new uncached page he wouldn’t benefit from a real HTTP/2 or “Quic” connection since Cloudflare has to pull the contents synchronously from the origin via HTTP/1.1 first. So when I have a site with lots of contents and every user gets his own, dynamically generated image set, he would technically not recognise a better performance in comparison to HTTP/1.1 (when the images are not preloaded into Cloudflare’s cache from someone else in their nearby location).

Is this right or am I missing something? If so, wouldn’t it make sense for Cloudflare to also pull the contents via HTTP/2 or HTTP/3 when available on the origin?

This comes up from time to time. From a Search, I found this:


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