Why does CloudFlare make my website a lot slower?

My application is deployed in digitalocean and For DNS I used Cloudflare.
When I open digitalocean public ip of my application it opens much faster than domain name URL which is used from Cloudflare. Please look into it.

digital ocean IP:
Cloudflare URL(with domain): https://dev.infinity.edu.sa/

Your domain is not using Cloudflare.

infinity.edu.sa.        3600    IN      NS      ns1.digitalocean.com.
infinity.edu.sa.        3600    IN      NS      ns2.digitalocean.com.
;; Received 128 bytes from 2001:16a0:1:3002::2#53(s1.dns.sa) in 116 ms

;; Received 48 bytes from 2400:cb00:2049:1::adf5:3b29#53(ns2.digitalocean.com) in 56 ms
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