Why does Cloudflare interfere when loading fanfiction.net webpages

I read a lot of fanfiction and half the timed it gives me a Cloudflare error of 520. This has become very irritating. Please fix it. My connection is secure since it’s encrypted already.

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I keep getting the exact same thing, I’ve looked up different ways to troubleshoot, none work. Most are for computers, though, and I’m on a phone so can’t do most fixes suggested. The ones I can do on my phone are doing nothing, so I have no idea what’s going on. I hope they fix it soon.

This is an issue the website operator needs to resolve.

HI THER i’m getting an error from a host fanfiction.net saying that it’s not like letting me load or anything like that been having issues with fanfiction not net for the past couple of months

Still an issue for the host to resolve.

I couldn’t agree more. This has been going on since FFN starting using cloudflare. Cloudflare has had such issues ever since it came into existence. They refuse to fix it. I guess they think they’re too important. I would never use them.


:point_up_2: If you click the link that was added to the error number you shared, you will be taken to an article that explains that the error is not anything that Cloudflare can fix. Only the Fanfiction web team has that capability. Cloudflare sits between you and the site and can only show you what the site offers. When their server is not responding correctly, all Cloudflare can do is let you know about the problem. When you see the error you referenced it indicates a problem on the site behind Cloudflare. Only Fanfiction can fix that.

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