Why does Cloudflare generate DKIM records for some domains automatically but not others?

I have several .com.au domains which Cloudflare generates the DKIM records for automatically when I click generate DKIM records in the " Email security records" section, but then I have some .com domains where it doesnt, instead Cloudlfare asks me to input the records myself “Enter the DKIM record content from your email provider.”. Why is that?

Do you have any different configuration around how email is set up on the domains? Are some using email routing and others aren’t?


Yes I fugured it out. It appears Cloudflare pulls the DKIM information from the old name servers (before you switch to Cloudflare name servers), so the trick is dont delete records in the old name servers (even though they are no longer used) because Cloudlfare will duplicate those records it seems.

Thanks for your help.

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