Why does cloudflare allow drug dealers to use their services?

I mean the site www.xxxxx.xcv, that selling drugs!
They use Cloudflare’s Name Servers:
Name Server: george. ns. Cloudflare .com
Name Server: tani. ns. Cloudflare .com
Link:(remove blanks) dl4.xxxxx. net/ drive/ 2018/ 06/ 14/ 0030/0816/2007856/56/595f36b81a. jpg

Proof links:

I could not write in support, so I write here I think it is unacceptable to use Cloudflare in the hands of criminals!

Cloudflare doesn’t know what’s running behind their services.
You could also ask the hosting provider. Their servers are providing the content. Cloudflare is just a proxy service, all content is hosted eslewhere.

You can report the page here:

I am with you. They should sell their :poop: elsewhere.

Addtionally you could contact your local police department.

I’ve edited the origin post and redacted the domains.

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Thank you! I wrote Abuse!

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