Why Does Cloudfare host lolfarm.com?

This website is a bullying/hate/revenge forum. They post stolen images from hacked accounts. They post nudes they stole without permission. They actively group together in a campaign where they openly admit they want people to kill themselves. According to records Cloudflare hosts all of this. Which means they are apparently okay with harassment to anyone and everyone including the transgender community (Especially the trans community since they go after those people the most). I want to know why they knowingly host this website? Is it for the money? Because they are ruining lives. They are helping people post illegal and stolen content. They are a harassment hub for bullies and nothing else. If they are going to continue to host this website I want someone from the company to explain to me why they think it’s okay to do.

If you feel that a site is engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities, you can submit an abuse report at Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

You will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation code in the Subject. While the Trust and Safety team will review the details of your report, that may be the only reply you receive.

You can also report the site to your relevant local authorities. Complaints cannot be filed via this forum.

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