Why does cloudfare have against me?

I am a private user doing nothing special (no VPN, no mailserver, checked: no malware, not a spammer). However, a suddenly a few day ago Cloudflare started to blocked access to a lot of sites using Captcha (tiring). I checked whether I was blacklisted somewhere but that seems ok too.
My questions: How can I get to know why I am blocked? How can I get rid of this nuissance?

I hope this is the right platform to pose this question…

Most likely, there has been security events relating to your IP address which has caused you to hit a bad reputation. Please review your network and confirm that you have no infected devices. Once that has been confirmed, the IP reputation will naturally improve.

If for any reason the IP reputation score increases again, the likelihood is that you still have something which is infected on your infrastructure.

Often this is caused by:

  • Computer/IoT device infected with malware or some kind of virus.
  • Scripts or bots (e.g., scrapers) carrying out automated tasks across sites.

This Community Tip has other suggestions to review. Our IP reputation is sourced from multiple places including Project Honey Pot.

It‘s also possible that your IP has been assigned to a ‚bad’ user before if you don’t have a static address. Power off your router, wait a few minutes and try again.

Additionally you can use Privacy Pass which is available as add on for Chrome and Firefox. This will lower the number of captchas to solve.

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