Why do you need cloudflared to connect to tcp and ssh tunnels?

I wanted to tunnel a minecraft server cause of how well the http tunneling worked but i quickly came to the realization that to connect to a tcp tunnel you need to have cloudflared installed?? Why is that?

Also the ssh tunneling: i wanted to be able to ssh into my ubuntu machine from anywhere from any device but you need cloudflared set up for this too?? I wanted to be able to access it from my school computers for example where i cant just go and install cloudflared.

Yes, i know of other tunneling services like ngrok but ngrok doesnt have udp (well neither does cf but whatever) and there isnt any static ip/domain to connect my domain to.

I just want to understand why Cloudflare has made tunnels that work so well but made only the http and https tunnels accessible to anyone without cloudflared?

Because it’s still using HTTP & HTTPS - it just wraps arbitrary TCP with a WebSocket, which you need cloudflared on the client to connect to & expose as a ‘normal’ TCP port.

You need Spectrum for clientless arbitrary TCP.

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