Why do we need to buy advanced certificate?

Hi Team
We are unsure why do we need to buy advanced certificate for our subdomain?
blog.utaxi.in - Working, www.blog.utaxi.in - not working

However i am able to see this domain enabled SSL certificate in my hosting server.
What’s the point of buying a advanced certificate? Is this something needed only because we configured our main domain in Cloudflare? Don’t we get the advanced certificate anywhere else than Cloudflare or we should buy from cloudFlare?
blog.utaxi.in server
www.blog.utaxi.in server

Universal SSL certificates only cover *.example.com. One perk of advanced certificates is being able to make second level SSL certificates like www.blog.example.com.

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I hope you noticed the screenshot.

We already have SSL enabled for both blog.utaxi.in and www.blog.utaxi.in.

Hence why we are unsure why do we need to buy advanced certificates?

This was already covered in your last closed thread:

Yes, but that’s not Cloudflare’s edge certificate.

If you want to use the Plex certificate, then don’t proxy www.blog.utaxi.in. If you want to use Cloudflare for www under blog, then use Advanced Certificate, as explained before. Or upgrade to a Business Plan and upload your own certificate. Those are your choices.


Thanks for the response.

Just to be clear,

  1. If i would like to use Cloudflare as a proxy for ‘blog.utaxi.in’ then i need to opt for the Advanced certificate to make the site up and running with and without www.

  2. If i don’t want use Cloudflare as a proxy for blog.utaxi.in, then i can simply remove the DNS records of the same site from Cloudflare so that it will run from Plesk SSL cerificate with and without WWW.

Correct me if i am wrong.

In addition, i would like to know is it possible to buy this advanced certificate from any other service provider and upload the certificate. Or is it mandatory to buy the certificate only from Cloudflare since it’s a proxy server for this site?

  1. Yes, if you insist on supporting www.blog.utaxi.in

  2. You don’t remove the records, just switch them to “DNS only”

Uploading custom certificates requires a business or enterprise account.

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Yes, got it.

I just tried to change it to DNS and the site started working with and without WWW. Moreover i could see it’s running from Plesk hosting server(as expected).

In a nutshell, we should buy advanced certificate if we want to Cloudflare as a proxy for this subdomain. So that it will run with & without WWW effectively.

one last question, is it a good/valid to proxy only main domain in Cloudflare and not including sub domain?

If the subdomain isn’t proxied by Cloudflare, then Cloudflare protections and other features won’t be applied to it. So you need to decide which was you want to choose.

Thanks for the prompt response

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