Why do some pages not display properly?

metal-fabrication-stamping.c o m/en/custom-metal-fabrication-near-me/,

Try pausing Cloudflare (Overview screen bottom right) and check if you can still reproduce the issue.

Yesterday was the first time I used Cloudflare and everything was accessed normally.
①a metal-fabrication-stamping.c o m ip
cname www metal-fabrication-stamping.c o m

wordpress: https:// www.metal-fabrication-stamping.c o m

When I visited the website today, I found that some pages could not be opened, and when I removed the www in front of the domain name in the address bar, the page was accessible.

Then I made the following changes and everything was working.
①a metal-fabrication-stamping.c o m ip
②a www ip

wordpress: https:// metal-fabrication-stamping.c om

After about 5 hours, I visited my site again and I found that some pages were not accessible.

You haven’t paused Cloudflare yet.

Afraid, that appears to be a server issue.

As mentioned, you best pause Cloudflare, fix the site, and once it works you can enable Cloudflare again.

Now I have set my website to www… and suspended Cloudflare.

Why all pages can be accessed normally when I open the page in wordpress backend, but some pages cannot be opened when I visit as a guest?

I am afraid that’s something you need to ask your developer or host. This is not a Cloudflare related issue.

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