Why do I receive this gmail Error 521 Web server is down

Why do I get this gmail every few days, I see my website is still working normally, I check for different browsers, sometimes the browser has error 521, after 10 20 seconds refesh I can enter again. The reason is where

Server Unreachable

Requests to the following origin have been failing for at least five minutes:

  • :443/)

Check out this article from our help center:

Error 521: Web server is down

Error 521 occurs when the origin web server refuses connections from Cloudflare. Security solutions at your origin may block legitimate connections from certain Cloudflare IP addresses.

The two most common causes of 521 errors are:

  • Offlined origin web server application
  • Blocked Cloudflare requests

Who is your hosting provider? You might need to ask them whether they have some information about the uptime of your website.

I am using vps of vultr with pre-installed plesk cp, I keep refeshing many times is error 521

help me

Are cloudflare IP’s blocked? If they are allow them in your firewall rules in your cloudflare dashboard, a list of cloudflare IP’s is available at IP Ranges | Cloudflare

If blocked, it was completely 521, over here the website still works and sometimes has error 521 and only need to reload a few times to access normally.

I’m confused, can you simplify?

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