Why do I have DEFAULT SRV records set by Cloudflare on my new domain?

I’ve just added a new domain to my existing one.
The old one has no SRV records.
The new one got SRV records set by default by Cloudflare. These specify ports for imap, smtp, etc.
Why did I get those by default if the old domain never needed them?
Why do they expose my IP (according to the warning in front of the record row)?
Do I really need these SRVs? My old domain handles email traffic just fine without these ports specified via SRV records.
Can I just delete them?
Thank you.

Hello there,
I hope you’ve added the domain to the Cloudflare. Assuming so,

This is quite automatic. Even if you did not create the records, the existing or former Nameserver provider responded to those queries with an IP address or CNAME value.
Cloudflare uses the so called scanning tool which makes the best effort attempt at identifying existing DNS records, and whether it works is entirely dependent on your current Authoritative DNS provider’s response to DNS queries when adding domain to the Cloudflare.

You are free to delete them. See other similar threads:

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