Why do I have ! beside my two MX?

What does it mean and what do I need to do to clear the “!” beside my two MX listing?

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The :exclamation: is just to get you to read the notice informing you that you have a :orange: Proxied hostname and a :grey: DNS Only hostname that resolve to the same IP.

As long as you have services other than HTTP and HTTPS that run on the same server, there is no way to clear the :exclamation:.

If you move your email to a different server, the :exclamation: will go away once your MX records no longer point to an address that has a :orange: Proxied hostname.

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Do you mean if I move my email from yahoo to gmail the ! will go away?Sorry I am not very tech savvy at all.

Are you certain that your MX records point to a Yahoo hostname?

Can you share your domain name?

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It will not let me put it. So I will list it on 2 lines. wealth26.

Looking at your MX records I can see that is actually indicating a different warning caused by your MX records pointing to hostnames that are set to :orange: Proxied. Cloudflare has attempted to create a solution by generating names that start with _dc-mx. They are often problematic, though.

I suggest this Community Tutorial. It should have relevant information that can help you fix this.

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