Why do I have an SPF error?

My website fencingunlimited()com is a Wordpress website and I use WP Forms Pro for forms. I have never had an issue with this on other websites (that are not setup on Cloudflare). But I am NOT getting the form submissions.

When I log into my Cloudflare and look at DNS, I see the error below. How can I fix this?

My email is setup with Google Workspace.
My forms are set to send FROM [email protected]()com which is an actual email.

1 initial lookup of your domain’s SPF record (not sure if this counts or not)
1 lookup of include:websitewelcome.com
6 further includes referenced by the above, including _spf.google.com and spf.protection.outlook.com
3 further includes referenced by _spf.google.com
1 further include referenced by spf.protection.outlook.com

So by my measure that’s 11 or 12

Thank you for your reply. While I understand your count…I have no idea what any of this means. I’m trying to investigate why my forms on my website are not sending through to deliver to my email. I have no idea if this error message is even related to my issue…or even what an SPF record is. Totally new to this. Trying to figure it all out.

This is what the related record looks like…no idea if this is right or if this is what is causing the issue…or if this is related at all. I did not write this. It was written by my original host provider I suppose

Who processes your forms? Who actually sends the mail? The should have documentation on the SPF record is actually supposed to look like.

Sorry. I do not know what you mean by “who processes your forms”

My website is built on Wordpress. The forms are built in WP Forms Pro.

On other websites I have never had to set any additional services/features to handle emails sent “from” the website…but maybe this is something I should be doing…just never have done anything additional.

Here is what the DMARC looks like…I don’t know what this means either…but it looks like this:

Your DMARC is using p=none so mails shouldn’t be rejected even if they fail SPF validation. You’re certain they’re not ending up in spam?

Is it https://wpforms.com/ ? Does that look at all familiar? Do you have an account with them? Either in there or somewhere in your Wordpress account, do you see any kind of SMTP server information? That would clarify how the e-mails are actually going out.

Also if you’re not certain your SPF record is correct (and if you just copied it off some random website it almost certainly isn’t) you’d be better off just deleting it for now. You can add a new once once you know what it’s actually supposed to be.

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