Why do i Get cloudflare captchas every website i visit

Hi, for some reason Cloudflare started giving me captcha cancer on my home network. this is seriously impacting my security camera’s as they cannot connect to the API’s needed due to the Cloudflare captcha block as well as blocking various automated plugin/driver installs on my home computers as every website & backend API uses Cloudflare.

and i know that my ip is not blacklisted i have checked with projecthoneypot.

My Cloudflare Ray ID: 3c5624a0dc451d62

i wont publicly post my IP for security reasons. (i can email to Cloudflare support email if given)

i would really like to know why CF is blocking me every…where and i keep a tight grip on my home network there is no malware or viruses within my network i have proper firewall setup to stop malicious traffic. ive done the testing its not on my end. either CF OR ISP problem.

Wow, this sounds really familiar!

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