Why Do DDOS Happen?

It is obvious in a lot of instances but in others it seems so weird!

What do I mean?

I’ve had to mitigate a number of DDOS over the years and only twice have I known WHY I was being DDOS’d, one was to try and get money (what I assume is the main driver of attacks) the other was because they were a rival to the site in question.

But in the VAST MAJORITY of attacks I’ve had to deal with I have never known why they happened at all. There were no requests for Bitcoin transfers, no contact made in anyway. Just large daily DDOS, some that went on for just a few days, others that went on for several months!

This post I guess is just to try and see what others have experienced and to try and work out why a site would get DDOS’d for seemingly no reason!

Some attackers might just want to DDoS your website for fun.

From a Tutorial posted the other day it gave the impression that there are costs to running a DDOS, would that be right?

Seems odd to me to spend money to try and take a site down for thrills, but I’m not a skid so I dunno :man_shrugging:

Some websites may offer their DDoS services for free, but with limitation of DDoS power.

And some of them do offer DDoS services with a very low cost, and it’s customizable - type of attacks, attack size, attack duration, etc.

Right all makes sense, weird way to get a thrill! :rofl:

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They might be on a DDoS spree and simply launch attacks on whatever they come up with first.

One of the customers that hire our services for DDoS and server management has 3-4 medium-sized attacks per week. All of them are random without any ransom note or whatsoever.

On the other hand, our main website receives another kind of attack. The attacks we receive typically aim to exhaust our monthly budget of servers or simply bring it down after we make announcements or other website updates. You could guess that jealously plays a huge role as well.


Jealously is what I think accounts for some of the ones I’ve had to mitigate previously also.

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