Why do certain speed test return such different results


all - I use pingdom and gtmetrix to check my site speed . Why are they so different - on can be 5 seconds and the other 1 second .

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Each online test will be done from a different place in the globe, and reach different Cloudflare datacenters. When a test is done for the first time in a while in a given datacenter, it will have uncached files. Any subsequent visit, for a while, will get cached files. And that makes a huge difference in page loading time.

To get a better sense of what your real visitors will get, use a service that has (and lets you chose) a location near your target audience. https://webpagetest.org has an option that let’s you enable “Repeat View”, and that will allow you to see what the speed is when files are cached (2nd view), and when they are not (1st view).

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