Why do browser insights stats keep coming and going?

pretty much as in the title, the browser insight stats keep coming and going, one day there, next day not and I’m getting more requests, users etc, so I don’t see why one day they are there , the next day it says “There is not enough data for Browser Insights right now. Check again later.”

and the point of that is?

Roughly, how many visitors and hits per day are you getting? Or can you post a screenshot of the Overview stats?

wrong stats bud, browser insights under “speed”

Yes, I understand that. But you said it’s blank in spite of the traffic your site is getting. I wanted to confirm how much traffic your site is getting.

45k UV a day
edit, make that 57k ish across 2 domains, neither show “browser insights” stats
sorry my bad, thats 165k ish, i took as 12k , when was 120k

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