Why did the rule block my site?

Hi, everyone. What does this mean? My site is attacking my site so it got blocked?

This request was blocked by WAF and, as the message says, because it was a HEAD request. You might want to whitelist your server’s IP address in this case.

Thanks. If I whitelist my server’s IP and if I link a certain blog post to other blog posts, those blog posts will post spam comments on that blog post.

If I don’t whitelist my server’s IP, that blog post won’t receive spam comments from other blog posts. Why?

I am not quite sure about your question and how it is related to the blocked request or Cloudflare.

If you want such requests to go through you’d either have to whitelist your IP address, disable that WAF rule, or configure a firewall rule to skip WAF.

Thanks. What’s about this one?

Isn’t the path dangerous? Does this mean my site is attacking my own site?

That’s a request from your own site. You really best whitelist your address.


If I’m not mistaken, offhand, that’s used for pingbacks.


Thank you both. Yes, you’re right. I read a blog post and solved this problem. But my site didn’t have this self-ping issue until a couple of days ago. Did hackers do this to my site?

That’s a standard Wordpress feature, but if you have any follow-up questions it would be best to clarify this on a Wordpress forum, as this is not Cloudflare related any more.

Again, I’d suggest to whitelist your address.

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