Why did the CNAME on my root domain lose the orange cloud to route traffic through CloudFlare? This made my page rule stop working

I don’t seem to see any outages at the moment, were some settings changed by Cloudflare?

Just as an FYI I have tried removing the record and re-adding it and am seeing the same issue.

Try hovering over the orange (or blue) i button. Clickfunnels is a Cloudflare enterprise customer, so the cname doesn’t allow you to de-toggle Cloudflare’s protection.

Thanks! That is mainly just for CNAME Flattening, I have seen that before even when it was available to direct HTTP requests through Cloudflare.

I work for ClickFunnels so this is my main concern. Haha. We have a few customers all of a sudden seeing this now.

The normal setup we have for our customers is to have a CNAME for the root to point to the www subdomain (if that’s what they are adding to their ClickFunnels account) and then have a Page Rule to do a permanent redirect.

I believe this is because of a Cloudflare change around the end of 2017 that removed the :orange:/:grey: toggle for the CNAME record, but it doesn’t seem to have been retroactive.

I do see that somehow visiting fbjust.in redirects to clickfunnels.com, while www.fbjust.in works correctly. This is probably a very recent change with how enterprise CNAME’s and page rules work, but I can’t be sure. Maybe get your team talking with Cloudflare support or your dedicated account resource about this.


Yes for sure, it seems like some sort of adjustment was made. Thanks for your time!:blush:

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