Why did TBT go up after getting slang?

Hello there. I recently bought slang smart routing service, but TBT has increased tremendously.
The hosting company I use is hostinger. What is the reason for the increase in TBT?

Site: medicineclue.com

What is that? Is that something bought from Hostinger?

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Hello there. yes the hostinger i use

Can’t even find this on Google and Hostinger.

Sounds like Argo Smart Routing by Cloudflare though.

there was no problem. TBT increased after activating slang.

Even this topic becomes the first result I get after doing a quick Google search, so I don’t really have an idea what is “slang smart routing”.

Maybe other people in the community know what’s that though.


I don’t. Hence why I asked him…

Can you post a screenshot of this add on?

Before I bought slang from cloudflare there was no problem. Pagespeed gives your error in test and semruh.

google didn’t translate correctly

I bought Argo Smart Routing. then Tbt (total block time) increased.