Why did CloudFlare end my service when I paid as promised?

My website has been using Cloudflare to host images and videos, just yesterday, these resources suddenly failed? I’ve been making regular payments, why is this happening, is this something a mature business would do? Discontinue service for a long-term customer without warning?

The verification link in the email is also expired.

Can you forward the email you received to support AT Cloudflare DOT com? We cannot assist with Trust & Safety nor billing issues on this site. If you took the actions suggested in the email you received, please let the team know that.


I have completed the verification through the link you sent me as you requested.

I don’t think such a sudden suspension of service is justified, now my stored data seems to be lost. You can create a bill and I’ll pay for what I haven’t paid for this month, I’ve been billed on time for the first two months Yes, not overdue.

Can I restore my previously stored video and picture data? I can pay the bill now.

Hi @greybase - can you ensure you reply to the email(s) from our team? They should be able to work through this with you & help address any specific concerns.

Note that with Stream, we don’t delete any video content until 30 days has elapsed since your last active Stream subscription, as a precaution against customer errors, billing issues, and similar problems.


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