Why Clouflare challenge page is presented?

Hi, we are a small business and since Monday 25 September we have been experiencing malfunctions while navigating certain websites.
Before accessing these sites, we go through Cloudflare page to verify human presence. Then we access the target web page but some parts are missing - e.g. css png js blocked by cross-origin errors.

The issue happens on all devices connected to network in our office.
What is going on? How can we recover from this situation?

I’d start by scanning your entire infrastructure for malware, make sure OS & browsers are up to date, disable browser plugins (ad blockers in particular) and let us know if you continue to have issues.

Hi, now we have no more issues.

We understood that there might be some anomaly in our network and that this was causing suspicion from Cloudflare towards us. It seemed to be some sort of blocklist, but we couldn’t find any evidence and this seemed strange to us. There was no information confirming that we were under observation, no hints on how to resolve it or how long it would take to recover (it would be easy to add to challenge page). Perhaps it may seem obvious, but the first time it happens, it’s not so obvious.

Anyway problem solved, thank you.

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