Why Cloudflare's blog uses Google Cloud Storage for static assets?


I was browsing through your latest blog articles, and noticed that you are hosting static assets on Google Cloud Storage, via:

Can I ask why?


Interesting observation. Didn’t pick up on that before.

@cloonan any ideas ?

Ah, thank you @xtus, invetigating

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@cloonan Actually I started a dichotomic manual search, and it looks like affects also older articles, but not all since a specific date. Will get back to you with the full list, going to automate this

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maybe Cloudflare is using CF worker to proxy Google Cloud Storage and rewrite with cloudflare domain and missed a few assets :smiley:

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Thank you, don’t spin cycles, please. The team also noted that it’s like this in older posts. We re-worked the blog a few months ago and this may have come out of that rework. I’ll chase this down with the team to understand the why, we’re all in favor of hosting them ourselves.


Alright - Will just keep reading then for a bit :slightly_smiling_face:


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