Why Cloudflare Send 1200 bot everyday to my homepage url

I have plan for using Cloudflare paid version next time. But until this problem is celar.

26 October I started try using Cloudflare. Suddenty I got 1200 bot traffic to my home page url every day. How to handle this.

Because of this problem I stop using Cloudflare till this issues is fix.

Edited : Same issue here : Cloudflare Sends More Than 1200 Bot Traffic Per Day

Now that you have seen that other post, what have you tried in order to analyze the bot traffic?

Every 10-15 second hit my homepage url and load 2 or 3 times .
Almost 1200 hit perday.
Then I tried to block using range of ip throught WF firewall. Until now still hit but succesfully blocked.

After that.

I tried again add my site to Cloudflare. The hit just even more with various pattern. Then I blocked it again and remove my domain from Cloudflare.

Now I face another problems that most of the visitor comes from china, India, Turkey, taiwan, korea that never ever happen before. I am still watching the traffic and blocking it. Its painfull.

You should place button to clear all chache after domain removed. I cant find the button or anything option because domain has been removed.

Should I add again, and make the bot more worst? Than purge the cache?

I suggest your team to make change header original ip in low cost. Not entreprice only.

Here is the picture…

I doubt this has any relationship with CF. Your site is simply being crawled or attacked. You should get a PRO account for that domain to obscure the real IP of your server through the CDN. Even tho, if they have your IP by now, the attacks won’t get mitigated by CF.

Thank you for your advice. I am going to use pro CF.

I need to buy VPS first to install mod Cloudflare in order to get real visitor.

I have the same isues, How to fix this

If using WordPress and Wordfence, set Use the Cloudflare “CF-Connecting-IP” HTTP header to get a visitor IP. Only use if you’re using Cloudflare. in global options. Otherwise, you’ll have to search for information on X-Forwarded-For header to obtain the real IP adresses and not the Cloudflare proxy.

Thank you. Is this metode using wordfence also solve real ip isue in log server?
So we do not need to install mod Cloudflare on the server to get real visitor ip?

I have disabled Cloudflare until I got fix with this.

If using Analog Stats or Webalizer, probably not. You may have to search how to configure them.

Thanks for your answer. I should use VPS in order to instal mod Cloudflare. I will use Cloudflare again after VPS configuration complete.

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