Why cloudflare problems with bing bot?

My site get index by google,yandex but bing bot get always 500x error in my site but why?

Did you run a site scan / SEO check (or whatever the scanning function is called) in Bing webmaster tools recently? Unless they’ve changed how it works, the Bing scans aren’t using the regular Bing search crawlers (Bingbot).

As a result, Cloudflare can’t verify it in the usual way and it assumes it’s a fake bot. I’m not sure there’s much you can do about it… Bing just needs to get its bots in order. It was a common issue last time I checked but it doesn’t seem to affect the search crawler bots, so you should be fine.

Try a single “Fetch as Bingbot” and see what happens?

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So other idea here, @Ulvis,

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