Why Cloudflare is blocking almost all Israeli ISP from the local Israeli CDN?

Does anyone know why Cloudflare is blocking almost all Israeli ISPs from accessing the Israeli CDN? All but one ISP (The one that manages the data center of the CDN, how convenient t) cannot access the Israeli CDN and get routed to European CDN.


I tried to contact a representative of Cloudflare on that but without success.

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If you know an Israeli ISP who would like to host a Cloudflare POP or improve their peering feel free to point them to Cloudflare’s peering portal.


Correct. We should also specify that it’s not Cloudflare blocking ISPs, but the opposite. They decide that sending traffic to a farther POP is more economical or practical for some strange reason.

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there is already few posts about it like The negative impact of cloudflare's Israel POP

in the end its nothing specific to Israel, Cloudflare doing it with other pop in other countries as well

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