Why cloudflare do not block attack from IPv6

I am sharing my firewall logs from cloudflare dashboard. I am observing one trend. Cloudflare never blocked any IPv6 address from last 1 week. Does people with ipv6 address do not attack? or they do not try to steal anything?

I can confirm I saw blocked / challenged IPv6 events coming from Google IP space in my Firewall Events log, even due to my custom Firewall Rules.

Even using IPv6 at my origin and at the DNS records tab of Cloudflare dashboard (if related to it, but I do not think so).

And I see it was challenged/blocked in past 12-24 hours or so (even I was testing some things out):

So, it’s working fine as I see.

The “people”, I doubt there are users having IPv6 at home currently. Yes, but small proportion I think.

In India, almost 90% mobile network are using IPv6. I am not able to find any ipv6 address in firewall logs.

I think ipv6 blocked in your log is because of your custom firewall rules. By default rules of cloudflare including super bot protection do not block any IPv6.

Why don’t they block IPv6 attacks? They will, if it happens. Here’s one:

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Thats what I am sayig. It is not blocking IPv6 in my account. It may be blocking in your.

You have not presented any evidence of an IPv6 attack.


is it really possible that I get around 2K attack prevented everyday and not 1 of them using IPv6?


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highly improbable

Because you think someone is going to launch an attack against your site using mobile connections?

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I see lot of IPv4 address which are using mobile connection doing attacks. Lot of IOT devices are infected.

Please let us know when your site is attacked over IPv6 and we’ll be able to assist with appropriate settings.


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