Why CloudFlare deleted my account

Hi there
I was using Cloudflare with a pro subscription. The account was working ok, till last night I woke up and saw that Cloudflare deleted my account without any confirmation the only thing that I had was an email from Cloudflare that says: We are sorry your professional plan has been canceled.

But the problem is Cloudflare deleted the entire account instead of removing the Professional plan. I have re-registered a new account
(with my previous Cloudflare email since it was deleted). But now I can not add my website to it. I get the web property can not be added to Cloudflare at this time error.

After 24 hours the email support did not answer at all and my website is left unprotected. Cloudflare should be responsible to its users but I do not understand why costumers are not important to Cloudflare.

If the support does not answer to my tickets I will legally sue Cloudflare for the user account deletion.

I will also publicly post this thread on twitter let the world know what was happened to me

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